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Jacquelyn Brennan | The Teachers Collective


The most rewarding aspect of teaching Pilates is allowing people to move better in the body they have – to eliminate pain, strengthen weaknesses, and improve performance. 

I opened Pilates+Coffee in Chicago with my husband as a space to share our love for Pilates, coffee, and especially community. My passion for movement and health provided direction in my life, especially in my career and lifestyle goals.  As an athlete, an avid runner and marathoner, I found Pilates as a way to stay injury free, find balance, build uniform strength, and overall increased well-being. I became a Fletcher Pilates teacher in 2009 and assisted in teacher training as an adjunct Fletcher faculty member. Since then my teaching style has evolved, incorporating yoga and therapeutic modalities helping me to create challenging, safe and exciting movement sessions for clientele of all levels. 

Jenny Redford | The Teachers Collective


I'm an advocate for movement that is both therapeutic and cathartic. My philosophy has been shaped by my Ashtanga yoga training, my life as a ballet dancer and my own perinatal experience. 

I run my home studio in Southern California with movers wanting more out of what they do and women seeking to reconnect to their bodies postpartum.  I originally trained through the Physicalmind Institute in 2005 and have since worked from coast to coast, spending years in busy Los Angeles studios - where I first dreamed up the beginnings of The Teachers Collective. My approach is always rooted in classical Pilates, while embracing innovation, modern kinesiology, creativity, and therapeutic methods. Most recently, I consume as much Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Education as I can get my hands on to serve and empower other women.